A letter to my kids – Part I

After a nudge (or rather virtual kick up the butt) from another photographer I have got my motivation back on track.  I have not blogged for awhile, and I realised that I have so many of our stories to share.

So here goes:

My dearest kids,

Here I am writing from my heart to you and sharing a trip our little family took last year (yes LAST year – slackest Mum ever) to Waihi Beach.  The weather wasn’t so kind to us, fortunately on this occasion we were in a lovely little cabin at the Waihi Top 10 Holiday Park rather than inside our tent.

So, there we were, your Dad, you, me and your cousin all keen for adventures.  The weather never dulled our spirits – rain, hail, or shine we were determined to get out and about:

We visited the beach to build sand castles (in the rain), where just for a moment we were lucky enough to have the sun join us.  We explored caves on the beach – remember how I pretended there were bears inside one and your cousin thought there really were bears in there and ran away.

You played on the tyre swing, it took a lot of energy and determination to keep the momentum of the swing going – but you persevered, and loved the feeling of freedom.

We all got on board the train at Goldfields Railway and took the nostalgic rail journey from Waihi to Waikino.  The ticket collector gave you all train driver hats to wear, and you took your new job seriously – for about 10 minutes.

Next stop was the old mining wonders of Karangahake Gorge at the Victoria Battery.  You thought these were ancient ruins from a million years ago, I didn’t have the heart to tell you they opened in 1897 and closed in 1952.  I love it when you use your imagination.

While visiting the Cornish Pumphouse, (remnant of the original mine in Waihi) we were graced with blue skies again.   But by this point you were tired and wanted to rest, and told me “No more photos allowed” and I respect that you asked, so I stopped.

Best part of this kiddos, we only scraped the surface of what this beautiful location offers.

With love,

Mum x

This is a personal project I am doing with my good friend Marlene to motivate each other to document our days with the ones we love most. Please click here to see what she has been up to this month.