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I have been meaning to blog this update:

At the beginning of May I blogged about New Zealand being left off the world map, and I wrote to the CreativeLive team … You can read about that here .

Hunter the manager of the Student Support team at CreativeLive took on my concerns and reached back out to their Creative Team for me … and guess what I got a reply.

“Thank you so much for spotting that we made an error on our creator world map. 
As I’m sure you can understand, we’re working fast and furiously ourselves and sometimes mistakes happen. Rest assured, we’ve updated the artwork (attached) and working on updating all links so that future downloads will have the correct map. 
As a show of thanks, hope you enjoy this little photographer friend we made just for you. Best of luck with your creative endeavors and thank you again for the heads up.”
New Zealand Photographer

Yes! A positive outcome, I got New Zealand on the World Map and the Creative Team made me a little personalised gift too. Which I adore so very much, thank you  – I am a such a proud ‘Kiwi’ !

Thank you Hunter for listening to me, taking action, addressing my concerns, and getting this resolved with a positive outcome. Your efforts to “Help us #getNZonthemap” has not gone unnoticed.  I am going to ring our Prime Minister right away (joking) …  And as a side note – Hunters girlfriend happens to be from Wellington – I think he’s got a great catch there ! #putaringonit
Forever grateful.
Sheree x
Kiwi proud World Map
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