Dirt in the City

A sunny winter morning trip into Melbourne city,  lead me back to a favourite little spot. I love the location of this garden, completely surrounded by urbanization – there is no getting away from it, the patch has been created on top of an old car-park roof top, just beside Federation Square.

I find it peaceful here, even with the passing trains, road noises,  and the odd sound of machinery in the distance – you seem to disappear into a garden gnome like state and actually forget  where you are. My last visit was in Summer and even though it’s right in the middle of  winter  here in Melbourne, the Pop Up Garden still didn’t disappoint.

On this particular day I had my 2 year old with me – Master C. He absolutely loves the outdoors, so he was in his element.  And what was even better – we had the whole patch to ourselves, nobody else there but mother and son.  We owned it for 2 whole hours!! Just him and I, the murky sky, with a pop of sunshine and all the plants and dirt one can dream of.

This place is no  secret, but for some reason when ever I mention it to people, they always ask ‘where is it’?  SO! Write this down people – The ‘Pop Up Patch’,  is located : Car Park Rooftop, Federation Square, Melbourne CBD, Australia.


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