Light + Camera

As professional photographers, it is important that we continue to learn new skills this helps us evolve and become better at our craft.

At the beginning of August I attended a workshop called ‘Seeing the Light’, this workshop is run by Perspectives Photo & Cinema. It is a full day’s workshop created for wedding photographers.

Amber & Isaac were so accommodating and approachable.  They were both open to answering every question our group had to throw at them. And trust me we had a lot of questions!

There was also none of this airy-fairy soul-searching stuff! This workshop must be the most practical, hands on learning I have done in a very long time. We weren’t there to search for what makes our inner artistic soul sing – we were there to learn how to light stuff up – AND learn to light stuff up we DID!!!

If you are a professional wedding photographer wanting to learn the fundamentals around artificial lighting, I promise you this workshop is for you. It is practical, fun and one of the best workshops I have done.

Thanks for having me guys!

Sheree x




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