Moments That Matter – Gone to Soon

“I really miss you Grandad”

Moments that Matter

A moment spent with loved ones

A moment spent with friends

A moment spent with your children, your grandchildren

Moments spent holding hands, smiling, laughing, embracing togetherness … These are the things we take for granted.

When I received the message that one of my long-time friend’s father had lost his battle with cancer, I knew there wasn’t anything I could say or do to make the pain of a broken heart disappear.

We (her friends) all knew her Dad was unwell and had been fighting long and hard to beat this nasty disease, but I don’t think you ever wish for this moment to be real for anyone.

When I was asked if I would document ‘Gavo’s funeral, I knew this could possibly be one of the hardest things I would have to do.  And it was – in fact there were times I found myself hiding behind things (like Gavo’s big Mac truck) to recompose myself so I could carry on photographing.

Looking through my view finder of my camera, meant I found myself emotionally connected to each and every person who attended Gav’s funeral.

Gavo would be so proud of his family and close friends, the detail that went into his final journey was beyond anything I have ever experienced. The love and care that went into telling his life story,  I swear there wasn’t a detail that didn’t go untouched.

Gavo has always been involved in car racing and number 16 his lucky number.  It truly was a dignified send off for a man who always thought “He had no friends” …

With the permission of Gavo’s family I have carefully selected images that I believe represent “Moments that Matter” …

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