Moments that Matter – Month One

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that’s pretty close.” Anon

Master Adrenaline took off like he owned this track. He’s always been confident and ready to go, this time taking on the hills, paths and jumps, like a mini professional.

After a few laps around the bike track he screamed out ‘Can we buy a BMX?’.  I thought it may be a comment made in passing during a moment of happiness.

However, 2 days later as I hung out the washing Master Adrenaline approached me again asking the same question.

“Can we buy a BMX?” …. Watch this space!

This post is part of a new blog circle I’m in with some amazing artists called “Moments that Matter”.

At the bottom of this post, please click on the link to see what matters to Juanita from Little Forest this month.

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