New Zealand ‘Middle Where?’

The other day I received an email from a well known online creative education platform who was kindly giving away a free world map.  It looked pretty funky so I decided I’d check it out.

New Zealand

Much to my amusement (because us New Zealanders have a great sense of humour) I discovered my country was missing  –  I slept on it – but upon waking  I really felt like I needed to voice my concern for such an error.

I mean how on earth did they forget about us?  Some of their educators are from here ….!

So I wrote :


And they replied… Actually they replied rather promptly, but it really felt like a generic response from one of their customer service people.


Thank you for contacting an providing your feedback. I will pass it onto our team.
Oh cheers Anthony !  See here’s  the thing,  after a little hunting and discussion with other Kiwi folk , this place we like to call home – New Zealand – is in fact often omitted from World Maps, even some well known  corporate giants are guilty of leaving us off.

There is even a whole website dedicated to the cause which can be found HERE.

And just as I was about to go on my own personal crusade, Tourism New Zealand (who has got a way bigger budget than me!) created an ad campaign that seems to be getting a lot of attention globally – go on – check it out and help us get NZ on the map!

“Help us #getNZonthemap.”


Fellow humans, there's a big conspiracy going down! We need to prove that New Zealand is missing from world maps so I can update New Zealand's fearless leader Jacinda Ardern. Help us #getNZonthemap

Posted by Rhys Darby on Tuesday, 1 May 2018


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