Rarotonga adventures – Take II – Family Photography

During the coldest weeks of winter my family and I boarded a plane destined for the warmer shores of Rarotonga for 7 days of bliss!


Again, I turned off my mobile device and just absorbed my surroundings and took time out to relax in the glory of some  much needed sunshine.

This is our second family trip to this stunning tropical island, even though we have visited this location before it didn’t stop us sightseeing and it gave us the opportunity to explore areas of the mainland that we missed out on seeing during our first trip.

We took the time out we so very much needed, just to be together as a family.   I even managed to finish a book in 4 days, which trust me is a huge accomplishment for this Mum.

We even befriended one of the local dogs, the kids conveniently named him ‘Raro’, he spent his days hanging with us at the beach.

Images from our first visit can be found here LINK.

A huge shout out to Samantha from the Cambridge Flight Centre for booking our escape to paradise, (and for them rescuing us when we missed our original flight).  To the staff at Edgewater Resort  –  yet again being so accommodating and the epically talented barista at Salt Café for the best coffee in Raro.

ReflectiveBush walkCoconutBananaTropicalRocksRustic WallSalt cafeWalking and chattingDogShadowsBlack and whiteSwimming
ShadowsKids having funSunsets at the sea



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