The camera is my tool.

Through it I give a reason to everything around me.”

Andre Kertesz

Married to a entrepreneurial husband, mumma bear to two boys, and two energetic pooches, this combination makes life sometimes crazy but also very interesting.

Raised as a child in a beach side town called Whakatane (fuh - kuh- taa – nay) my parents moved us to the thermal hub Rotorua (Ro-to-ru-a), this is where my interest and appreciation for the great outdoors started.

I have a Phobia of Great White Sharks - but love the sea, recently relocating to live closer to the beach - go figure!

While growing up my Mum had the largest music collection I have ever seen, seriously bigger than Spotify, (ok maybe not that big), but because of her - I have an eclectic taste in music.

I find humans fascinating, so much, I studied Sociology at University, along with Media and Arts.

My favourite colour is green.

Coffee Nut! I am known to drive miles just for the right brew.

According to Myers Bridge my personality type is EFNJ - this apparently means I am 'the Giver' warm, outgoing, loyal, and sensitive.

Yep! Pretty much sums me up!

Clickinmoms image finalist
NZIPP Bronze Award
Dear Photographer magazine

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